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Commentary from Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spreading the Word Has Helped!

It is important that we compliment the radio program hosts, newspaper editors and Internet sites that are promoting the importance of supporting American workers and the Buy American Made Campaign. They are helping us to focus the attention of America’s consumers on the need to restore industries that will produce more things in America and restore the American made label so we are in competition with foreign made products in every store possible in the U.S.A.

As was stated in a recent commentary, most Americans did not realize that more than 70,000 businesses moved their manufacturing overseas but kept their corporate brand names the sameAmericans saw the familiar logos and packaging and assumed the products were made in the United States of America. Since the profits were better from imported products, merchandisers and store owners ignored the absence of the American made label and the effect on American workers. The most unfortunate reality in the last 30 years is that tens of millions of American jobs have been lost and tens of thousands of places that employed American workers to make products with American made labels are now vacant.

Today, we are watching the aftermath of 70,000 factories moving OUT of America. In order to better understand how all this happened, I encourage you to view the YouTube video “Million American Jobs Projectwhich now has almost 4 million views.  It is linked on the front page of and has a very important message about what happened in America and how we can change our reality if we support American made products. You are asked to forward today’s commentary to others so our campaign will be supported by your family and friends.  Thanks for helping us spread the word. America is depending on us!

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