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Commentary from Saturday, March 11, 2017

We're in the Mood for Change!

For the last few years, supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have seen their fellow Americans become more involved in supporting American made products and local businesses. This is especially good because America’s consumers are the people who make or break the way business is done in America and can make a change in what products will be available where we shop.

It is because so many American-based industries were dismantled and moved overseas that the supply chain of American made items has continued to drop over the years. With the new focus of Buy American Made supporters to help industries and businesses grow in America, we look for more businesses to invest in America and make and distribute products with Made in the U.S.A. labels. Once the long established industries that employed tens-of-million in America decided to move overseas to lower their operational costs and increase their profits, major jobs losses in America started and few leaders took action to stop the loss of jobs for American workers.

Today we find up to 90% of what is available in many stores is largely foreign made. Unfortunately, most people did not realize how quickly changes were happening because the brand names were the same, the products looked good, the packaging appealing both in stores and on the Internet. The only problem is that most American workers haven't been making the products; they are just hired to sell them.

Now that “We’re in the Mood for Change,” everyone is urged to look at the labeling on all products. Then ask why can't at least 50% of those items be made in the U.S.A again? The restoration of just 50% of everything we purchase could bring about 25 million new jobs producing, shipping, stocking and selling products proudly made in the United States of America.

Restoring jobs in America is up to the American people and it’s happening as people speak up in support of American made products and USE THEIR PURCHASING POWER to support the American made label.  Kindly spread the word to your family and friends.

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