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Commentary from Saturday, March 7, 2009

No matter what happens in life, the desire to have a job to support yourself and your family is a natural instinct. For decades, America was the land of endless prosperity. That changed quite a bit in the last 20 years as the global economy expanded dramatically and our jobs were spread all over the world. Global competition is understandable, but the shift in manufacturing jobs has been too drastic. In order to bring back some balance, what I continue to ask you to do is go out of your way to support American workers by purchasing more American made products. We have the power to bring about change in America's economy simply by making the choice to buy more American made products. When we do that we support American companies and encourage them to maintain and even expand their business operation in the U.S.A.

The feedback from my commentaries reflects a great deal of agreement that at this point too many jobs left the U.S.A. and that these job losses continues to have a negative effect on our local and national economy and most of all on American families. I don't object to a portion of the products we purchase being imported from abroad, but it is discouraging to see so many of the products invented and manufactured in America for years now being imported from all over the world.

During these changing times, I appeal to you to make it our responsibility to support American made products which in turn will benefit all of us, our families, friends and neighbors. I said in many past commentaries and in many ways that "no one will help make a more positive change in the American economy than the American people themselves". We have the power to make change happen by purchasing more products made in America.

Staying in business during these times of rising costs and world competition is a challenge in itself. It became more cost effective for an American business to send a purchase order to a foreign country, have them make the items using their employees, have those products shipped back to the U.S.A., and have them delivered to the stores that will sell them for a profit to American consumers. However, these businesses have bypassed American workers who are the backbone of America's economy and our communities.

Because we live in a global economy we expect to find imported products at the stores where we shop, but the balance has shifted too far and American consumers have to bring about a renewed demand for American made products. The off-the ship and into American stores way of doing business continues to hurt the long term well-being of America. Look around this week and see if you feel there is a need for a better balance in domestic and foreign made products in American stores. The bottom line is, if we can keep the jobs we have and expand more employment opportunities for Americans in the future, we will come out of the economic downturn and return to prosperity. But it is going to take all of us going out of our way to make a difference.

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