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Commentary from Saturday, February 7, 2009

Every week, I learn something new from the people who respond to my commentaries and I see that it’s more important than ever that we go out of our way to support American workers. I see by the overwhelming responses that many people lost their jobs, not by any fault of their own, but because companies decided to move abroad for cheaper labor costs and bigger profits. Others told me that American manufacturing facilities closed because it became too costly for businesses to adhere to pollution standards, and they could not keep up with the rising cost of health care benefits and other operational expenses. These and many other factors simply drove businesses out of America. At this point, things have to change because how business is presently done is no longer the way we can do business in the future if we are going to maintain the jobs we have and create new employment opportunities. Business owners, government officials and American workers all have to work together to expand the American job market, permitting people to make a living and support their families, pay their bills and be part of the American dream. The government’s role is to keep business taxes low so that businesses can expand their products and services and make a reasonable profit. Everyone is going to have to give a little, but in the process a lot will be gained for American workers and America’s economy.

From the responses, I also learned that operational expenses began to out pace profits and this became a formula for disaster for American businesses. In recent years, modern machinery has become less polluting, but labor and other operational costs and tax incentives need to addressed to create more favorable business and employment conditions. With all issues on the table for discussion and action, American businesses can work toward making products affordable to the American public and sellable to the world.

It’s true that products made abroad are often cheaper, but we also have to remember that foreign businesses have no obligation or concern for the present or future well-being of the American worker, their families or their future. They are simply manufacturing products to sell in the American market place for a profit.

I’m encouraging all of you to do your part this week when you go out shopping. Look for and ask for American Made products. Your request for American Made items is more important than you realize because it puts store owners and their salespeople on alert that Americans want change, that you’re standing by American workers and that you are willing to shop around for products Made in America.

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