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Commentary from Saturday, February 6, 2010

It is Up to the American People

People continue to offer feedback regarding our efforts to support American workers and the Buy American made campaign. I am sure you will agree it’s up to the American people to make positive changes in America’s economy by spending our dollars wisely with a constant eye on supporting American businesses and American workers.

During these changing times, we all must go out of our way to support the businesses that did not desert America by outsourcing manufacturing overseas. So remember, every time you purchase an item made in America you are helping American workers keep their jobs and adding to the well-being of America’s economy. People often tell me how disappointed they are to see the large number of companies that outsource manufacturing around the world, while keeping their brand names and logos on packaging in an effort to keep the American consumer thinking they are buying American made products.

In order to become educated consumers, I encourage you to take a very close look at tags and packaging to see exactly where items are being made. Some tags have a well-known logo on the item, but when you look more closely, you will see that while the items are distributed by an American company, they are being made overseas and bypassing a large portion of American workers.

In the last 24 months, over 7 million American workers lost their jobs. Before this total gets higher, we must become more conscious of products ”Made in America”, especially when it pertains to our day-to-day needs such as: food, housing, and clothing. I know that in some cases, it is difficult to find American made items in stores, however if we use our purchasing power to buy the American made products presently available in our stores and continue to promote all American made products, business leaders will want to restore manufacturing in the U.S.A. to satisfy customers and continue to make a profit.

The long-term goal of the Buy American Made Campaign is to encourage businesses and American workers to unite their efforts so we can manufacture our day-to-day needs at a reasonable cost, using the most modern technology to bring our products to market, and in the process be able to expand America’s workforce with millions of new employment opportunities.

Spread the word and promote the products proudly made by American workers, because it’s really up to the American people to make positive changes in our own economy!

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