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Commentary from Saturday, February 4, 2017

Americans Have a Lot of Work to Do!

After several years of promoting the Buy American Made Campaign our supporters can be very proud that we have made many positive suggestions on how to support American workers and support the American based businesses that employ them.

Together we have been asking everyone to “Look at Labels” and see for themselves if American workers are benefiting from the point of production to the point of sale, or if they are merely sales clerks for foreign made products. The results of this effort alone have generated tens-of-millions of supporters who have helped American based industries maintain and increase their production and circulation of American made products.  We promoted contacting school boards and elected officials to restore the Trades and Industrial Arts programs in America’s schools so graduates have the opportunity to learn one or more skills needed by America’s present day employers. These programs are now being promoted by schools boards and parents.

We also began “National Small Business Weekend” on the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of EVERY month. This effort helped bring attention to the fact that small businesses in America need your business to stay in business and keep people employed. The weekly American Workers Need You commentaries on both the radio and Internet have allowed our message to reach our ongoing supporters and welcome new people to get involved.

So that we can continue to welcome more supporters, spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and our  2017 theme: Support The American Made Label.  Working together we have more possibilities to see at a growing number of products made in America again.

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