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Commentary from Saturday, February 28, 2015

Your Participation is Making Change Happen!

As more supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign speak up where they shop, as they contact elected officials and school boards, real progress continues to be made in restoring common sense regarding the way jobs and job skills must be expanded in America.

As people speak up some store owners and merchandisers object to our message because Americans are now taking a long, hard look at labels and learning exactly where products are being made. I know that many elected officials don’t like our message being discussed in the media because it brings attention to the fact that elected officials have not been looking out for jobs in America and the well being of American people. I also know that school boards are concerned about our message because it brings attention to the fact that educators have not been exposing enough of America’s junior and senior high school students to Vocational Education Programs which is the key to creating millions of job opportunities for America’s graduates.

As we continue our efforts, I ask that you consider how much better life in America would be IF everyone in your family and all working age and able-bodied Americans had at least one stable full time job. In promoting our goals we have the opportunity to restore tens-of-millions of jobs for American workers and a 50/50 balance of products sold in America with a made in America label. This is not an impossible dream if we all promote the Buy American Made Campaign.

Because leadership at so many levels have disappointed us, it is imperative that we continue to remain united and focus our efforts on restoring educational standards for America’s schools which will include a growing number of career and technical education programs. With more than 10,000 Americans retiring every day, we need to change our future and restore jobs and job skills. Spread the word and spend more of your dollars on American made products and you will see for yourself what a difference it will make for America and American workers.

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