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Commentary from Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sometimes it takes a change in the economy and the employment market to make people stop and take a look at what's happening around them and begin making some positive changes for their future. One positive change that I continue to recommend is that Americans support more American-made products in every retail establishment possible. Working hard, living within your means and paying your bills is what the average American hoped to achieve. What made that possible was an abundance of employment opportunities relatively close to home. Needs were satisfied with locally or nationally-produced merchandise, and they also made products for export. That balance has changed so much at this point, that it needs a second look. What happened to local and national manufacturing facilities? What made businesses leave our shores? What can be done to retain and expand American jobs? Why are we relying on so many foreign imports? The goal in asking these questions is to help American workers who are striving to support themselves and their families, pay taxes to maintain schools and government services and remain a viable part of the communities where they live.

In the current global economy, we have seen American jobs leaving our shores at an alarming pace. I'm not suggesting that we ever stop trading with the world, but rather that we support American businesses and American-made products so we can slow down and even stop the exodus of American businesses to other countries. As the world changes, I'm suggesting that we get our house in order, maintain our present day employment opportunities and build new industries in America with the new technologies that are now making their way on to the economic landscape of the world.

We will always have items being imported to America, but as you can see for yourself, the balance has shifted too far and is now hurting American workers. Additionally, we have to consider that emerging nations and long established countries are now trading amongst themselves in a bigger way, which has reduced American exports to nations around the world.

My point is that we have to support American-made products and American businesses in order to retain American jobs and permit all Americans to have a job, support themselves and their families and participate in the American Dream.

I also want to mention how impressed I am by the emails and letters I receive, and I want to thank the newspapers that reprinted my articles and highlighted my Internet site:

Discussing these important issues and going out of your way to look for, ask for and purchase American-made products will create more business for American companies, which will in turn maintain jobs for American workers. If you can't find the American-made products you're seeking in one store, try shopping at another.

This is Michael Blichasz, and as always, I appreciate hearing from you. I welcome your comments and suggestions and ask that you spread the word to others. You can Email me from my Internet site at: