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Commentary from Saturday, February 27, 2010

Local Businesses Need You!

It is good to see that support for the Buy American Made Campaign continues to grow. In my February 20th commentary, I noted that if the 20 million Americans seeking employment were employed and able to earn just one-dollar-a-day, it would generate 20 million dollars-a-day for America’s economy.

That sparked some very good responses. One important response is the need for us to focus on small and medium sized locally owned businesses that employ 80% of the American people. By supporting locally owned businesses it has an ongoing positive impact on local employment and local economies. I urge you to take a little extra time to shop around and direct your purchasing power to local stores, especially stores where a reasonable selection of American made products are featured.

When you go shopping, consider that 70% of every dollar spent in local stores benefits local communities directly. How?

1. Local residents are employed.
2. Local delivery and marketing services are more likely to be utilized.
3. Local, as well as federal and state taxes, are collected through the payroll system and used to support local, state and federal government services.
4. When customers seek out American made products, it helps existing American based manufacturing facilities remain open and will help bring about new locally based manufacturing and service facilities to satisfy the needs of consumers.

If more people direct their purchasing power to support Made in America products and local businesses, the impact will be revolutionary. We are trying to recover from a major recession and restore our manufacturing base. This is going to take real leadership by business and government officials and American workers who want to jump start manufacturing here in the U.S.A. and restore full employment.

America is now part of the global economy. However, every time you support the Buy American Made Campaign you are helping maintain and restore jobs in the U.S.A. As inventory is moved off store shelves, American workers are employed replacing the products you purchased. It is a simple process, it is working and your participation is imperative. Working together we can bring about the return of at least 50% of the items available in stores with a “Proudly Made in America” label.

We have a window of opportunity to unite and make change possible through our purchasing power. When we work together, the possibilities for positive changes are endless. I urge you to help the cause, support locally owned businesses and use your purchasing power wisely to support American made products!

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