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Commentary from Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Olympics are a Great Example!

As I watched the Olympics and saw the United States athletes compete with athletes from around the world, I thought this is exactly what the Buy American Made Campaign is seeking to accomplish, get more of America’s businesses and American workers to compete with global businesses and workers. Competition is especially important since manufacturing represents the majority of global items presently sold in America representing the manufacturing skills of world-wide workers.

It was great to see how hard the athletes worked at their skills so they could compete for gold, bronze or silver medals. It would be good to see America’s businesses competing for our dollars by expanding and upgrading their products and services with the same commitment of America’s athletes.

For more than 200 years, America was the world leader in innovation, technology and jobs skills. America is still the world’s number ONE economy, but we now import more items than we manufacture in the U.S.A. As you shop, I hope you will see the urgency of restoring America’s industries so that we can supply more of the products we buy both in our own stores and on the world market.

As we promote 2014 as the “Year of American Made,” it’s the perfect time to revitalize all of America’s industries and jobs skills. America’s consumers certainly drive the demand for products made by America’s private sector businesses, so I urge you to reward the businesses operating in America by directing more of your dollars to their products and services they offer.
Let’s work together to make 2014, and every year forward, “The Year of American Made”.

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