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Commentary from Saturday, February 21, 2015

As 10,000 Americans a Day Retire, Talents are Lost!

As America’s population ages, more than 10,000 Americans retire from the workforce EVERY DAY. Unfortunately, there are not enough younger skilled workers to replace those retiring and many business owners have expressed major concerns with the ongoing loss of skilled workers. This has made outsourcing manufacturing jobs a realistic option for businesses who can’t find enough skilled workers to maintain their industries in America. Therefore, it is urgent than that all of us to promote the expansion and restoration of Vocational Education Programs in America’s schools right now, otherwise our country will see the largest “skilled workers knowledge drain” in America’s history.

Over the years, I have urged school boards to focus on both general educational skills, as well as Vocational Education Programs which includes the Trades and Industrial Arts. Having access to both general academic studies and Vocational Educational Programs for students from the 7th through 12th grade guarantees graduates more job possibilities and represents a major investment in America's future.

Before another school year is wasted, I urge you to contact your national and local elected leaders and also your local school board to insist that more of your tax dollars be used to expand Vocational Education Programs for junior and senior high school students so the “Knowledge Drain” in America does not become a crisis as the “baby boomers” retire.

Contact your elected officials this week and let me know what responses you receive. Email me at:

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