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Commentary from Saturday, February 21, 2009

With so many changes taking place in the world, it is an excellent time for us to expand our support for American workers and the businesses that employ them.

Each week, I receive many good ideas from the people who respond to my commentaries. We all agree that to retain the jobs we have and regain some of the jobs we have lost as businesses moved abroad, we have to take action now.

In 2009, the older technologies that had been used in manufacturing are now being replaced with more modern and more productive technologies. This is an opportunity for American companies to accept the challenge to return a portion of their manufacturing jobs to the United States of America. This is an ideal time for business leaders and workers to find ways to ensure that products made in America will be cost effective and it's a time for government leaders to help attract more businesses to the U.S.A with lasting tax incentives.

For years American businesses moved abroad and supported employment, economic growth and quality of life for people in other countries around theworld. A portion of that success was realized at the expense of American workers. People write to tell me that the businesses where they worked decided to leave America in search of cheaper labor costs and bigger profits. They all agree we need to unite for the well-being of American workers, their families, and America’s economy. We need to find every way possible to maintain and restore employment opportunities in the U.S.A.

At this time, I am encouraging you to make the Support American Workers cause a mission, and even consider it a civic responsibility to support American-made products. In today’s global economy, a large selection of foreign-made products is understandable, but take some extra time to seek out American-made products. Our workers are depending on you. Another way you can support the cause is by discussing your support for American-made products with the sales clerks where you shop and also ask them to alert their managers of your concerns. In the process, the word will get back to the owners and investors that consumers are requesting a larger selection of American-made products in their stores. The principle of supply and demand is what make a business prosper. When a business can prosper, it can employ people, pay expenses, pay taxes, and realize a profit.

I outlined several reasons why I’m urging you to support American workers in my past commentaries. You can read and also hear a recording of them from my Internet site at:

Nothing will change in the American employment market unless we all go out of our way to look for, ask for and purchase American-made products.When we do that on a regular basis, we will help sustain long-lasting manufacturing, management, research and development, sales and other employment opportunities. This is a time for some positive changes, and with your participation it can happen.

This is Michael Blichasz, and as always, I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Email me at: