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Commentary from Saturday, February 20, 2016

Walk Right Over and Ask!

It is rewarding to hear our supporters report on the responses they receive when they ask store personnel to direct them to the items they have in stock that are made in America. As a result of more questions being asked by America’s consumers and more people spending their dollars on the American made items, many industries have decided to remain and are expanding in the U.S.A.

However, we also hear reports in the media that some larger companies are still leaving America. This is why I urge you to seek out items made in American and shop at local stores as often as possible where your opinions matter and your business is appreciated.

30 years ago products made in the U.S.A. clearly listed where they were made. Today, with such a large percentage of the items made overseas, businesses work hard to downplay where the items are made by listing on the labels "distributed by" with the name of the businesses' American headquarters in large print. But when you look closely at the labels you will see exactly where the item is made.

When I discuss featuring more American made with store managers, I’m often told that the products American want, especially clothing, are not being produced by American manufacturers any more. From those conversations, I see firsthand that business owners are concerned that their customers want more American made products available and are willing to shop around to find them. I also see the concern that store managers have for their customers who are unemployed or underemployed because no one benefits without a steady income.

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