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Commentary from Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Dollar a Day!

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion on television and radio and in newspapers about creating jobs and improving America’s economy.  I’m sure we agree that restoring job opportunities is going to take a lot of action, not just talk.  And the people most able to take action immediately are American consumers because they represent the purchasing power needed to keep the economy moving.  The downturn in the economy is now affecting every aspect of American life, from families to the arts and entertainment.  At this point, over 20 million Americans are seeking some type of employment opportunity. Consider, that if every one of the 20 million unemployed persons earned just one dollar a day it would generate 20 million dollars a day for America’s economy. When you consider the actual amount of lost income per day resulting from unemployment, you can understand why we must go out of our way to support America’s businesses and American workers.

If you look around, you can see that millions of American jobs were lost due to job outsourcing around the world by businesses in search of cheap labor and better profits. However, those businesses did not consider the long term negative effect that outsourcing would have on the purchasing power of America's consumer base.  Now those businesses have a large selection of products in American stores, but unemployed Americans are not able to purchase them.

I cannot tell anyone how to spend their money, I can only encourage people to help change America’s destiny by supporting the businesses still manufacturing here in the U.S.A.  The objective of the Buy American Made Campaign is to keep the inventory of American made items moving off store shelves so businesses restock the products and keep people employed.  We clearly see that our stores are flooded with imported products.  It would be good to see our stores flooded with American made items again, or at least a 50% increase in American made items.

Recently I received a 9 minute video regarding manufacturing in the Philadelphia and tri-state area back in 1955.  The title of the video is Miracle on the Delaware.  It shows the abundance of  employment opportunities available in 1955 and gives you an idea of how much things have changed over the years.  It also demonstrates the need to reestablish manufacturing in the U.S.A. using modern technology.  See this video for yourself here.

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