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Commentary from Saturday, February 19, 2011

Job Readiness Is Your Responsibility!

In today's job market, it is up to job seekers to be prepared for every employment opportunity. Modern technologies require new skills and a job seeker's ability to learn new skills to help keep the businesses that employ them competitive.

In order to be prepared for new job opportunities and a job interview, I'm suggesting the following:

1. Have an updated resume available at all times. A printed copy and an electronic version are recommended.

2. Look at your own resume and consider how employable you are for the jobs presently available.

3. Your resume should outline your past experience but should also indicate your willingness to undergo training, if necessary, for the employer's growth and success.

4. Seek out job training programs so you can sharpen you skills in the field most likely to offer you employment. Call career training locations to see what programs are available, the cost for classes, and a time-line of class availability. Job training centers welcome new participants. Information about the programs being offered in your area are available on the Internet.

These are just a few suggestions to help you consider your employment options.

In today's changing and competitive world, you have to be prepared for a job interview at a moment's notice. It is your responsibility to present yourself to an employer with skills the company can use and skills that will keep you employed.

This is Michael Blichasz. Let me know how you are making out with your job readiness efforts. My email link is on the front page of:, or go to