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Commentary from Saturday, February 18, 2012

More American Made Items Needed!

Our efforts to promote the Buy American Made Campaign has gained the support of more elected officials, business and community leaders and media outlets who are discussing JOBS for Americans, because they see that without jobs our economy will continue to struggle.

During the prolonged recession it has been well noted that our situation will not correct itself. Therefore, it is important that we NOT focus on excuses as to why America's economy is flat, but work toward positive ways to improve our future and employment base. The road to recovery is not going to happen overnight so our efforts to influence business owners and investors to expand and restore jobs in the U.S.A. is best accomplished with the participation of as many people as possible. By using the “look at labels formula” and directing our purchases accordingly, we can continue to influence business owners and, at the same time, keep more of our money circulating in the U.S.A. by replacing the items we purchase for ourselves, our homes and our families with American made goods, which will in turn employ more Americans.

My goal through radio, Internet and newspaper commentaries are to promote every way possible to unite the American people and GET AMERICA'S ECONOMY MOVING AGAIN. Your involvement has helped keep the Buy American made issues on the minds of a growing number of people and I urge you to get more people involved.

We will continue to discuss ways to help America's economy on American Workers Radio. I invite you to listen to the rebroadcasts which are posted on the front page of

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