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Commentary from Saturday, February 16, 2019

Changes We Are Depending On!

With all of the changes now taking place in America and with the growth in manufacturing and the businesses that supply manufacturers, people employed making the items we purchase for our needs has been increasing. There has also been a major expansion of research and development of new products that will proudly be listed as made or assemble in the United States. Local stores certainly appreciate your business and are reporting that more customers are seeking our and purchasing American made products.

In a past commentary I listed that America is on track to create up to 10 million new jobs during the next five years. I’m sure if we continue to focus our purchases on American made we could double the amount of people employed, as businesses and merchandisers will see the benefit of circulating items made in the United States.

Its fine to have foreign made items competing with American made, however, during the last 25 years we reached a point where 80% to 90% of some products lines are mainly foreign made. We can’t allow this to continue for the well-being of America’s businesses, jobs, and our economic stability.

Now that we, “America’s Consumers”, have helped change our situation for the better, we can’t sit back until all levels of manufacturing are restored and there is an equal balance between foreign made and American made in American stores accessible on the Internet.

Thanks for seeking out products and services provided by American workers. Kindly continue to spread the word.

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