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Commentary from Saturday, February 15, 2020

President's Day Sales - Another Time for Us to Speak Up!

Radio, Television and Internet advertisements are promoting President’s Day and winter season sales. As the winter season winds down, stores want to move inventory to make room for spring and summer products.  For the record, store managers and merchandisers have been working for many months to order the items we will see available for sale during the spring, summer and fall.

It is great to hear that American manufacturers are receiving requests for American made items and that more merchandisers are looking to feature additional American made products for their customers. This is good to hear, but we still see an overwhelming amount of foreign made items in America’s stores, which is a result of the 70,000 industries that moved overseas during the last 30 plus years.  With the new business climate in the United States, we are seeing thousands of businesses reinvesting in America again which is creating many new jobs and job skills for American workers.

By using the “look at labels” formula, and directing our purchases to the products made and assembled in America, we continue to demonstrate the benefits of businesses investing in America again, which will keep more of our money circulating in the United States and keep Americans employed.

Special Thanks to the radio program hosts, newspaper editors and Internet sites that are helping us promote restoring industries in America and jobs for Americans.  Thanks for your participation.

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