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Commentary from Saturday, January 9, 2016

Help Us Support America & American Workers!

As we begin the New Year, it is good to hear that more Americans are discussing the urgency of convincing more businesses to manufacture in America. More businesses and manufacturing means more jobs for American workers.

For the record: In the year 2000, America’s population was 281 million people and 134 million working aged and able-bodied people had full time or part-time jobs. In the year 2015, America’s population grew to 322 million people and 149 million people had full or part time jobs.

Within 15 years, America’s population grew by 41 million people but job opportunities only grew by 20 million. In both the year 2000 and 2015, America already needed tens-of-millions of additional jobs for the American people in all sectors of the economy. The bottom line is that America needs an additional 40 million new jobs so the American people can support themselves and be part of a successful economy.

All of the facts discussed during our radio broadcasts are outlined on the U.S. Debt Clock which is link on the front page of I encourage you to take a few minutes to view the U.S. Debt Clock. The information is provided by the United States Census Bureau and the United States Department of Labor statistics so the information is accurate and reflects how important it is for all of us to support employment opportunities in America, now and in the future.

I also encourage you to watch the Million American Jobs Project YouTube Video. It has a very powerful message and presents facts and figures about what happened to jobs in America. It has been viewed by almost 4 million people and will help you to better understand why support for the Buy American Made Campaign is so important.

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