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Commentary from Saturday, January 9, 2010

Set An Example!

In the last few weeks shoppers saw for themselves how many well-known American brand name items are being made overseas. I know that it is discouraging to reach for a well-known American brand item, then look on the label to see that it is distributed by an American company, but made overseas. These are products that had been produced in the U.S.A. for decades, but now are manufactured overseas due to lower production costs. American businesses have always traded with the nations of the world, but in recent years outsourcing has been done at the expense of American workers. Such a drastic change should never have been permitted by government, labor and business leaders without insuring full employment for Americans.

Since we began discussing the Buy American Made Campaign, we have been able to see more clearly how the devastating downturn in the economy and the high unemployment rate have affected the well-being of American workers and their families. Well, we are now in the beginning of a new decade, and our objective must be to improve the future of American workers and America’s economy. It’s time to stop finger pointing about what happened in the past and take action to restore America’s manufacturing base and the many jobs that support every level of manufacturing.

Today, I ask that you set an example for the people close to you by buying only American made products whenever possible and by letting others know what you purchased and where you purchased it. This will help support the stores selling American made products and the manufacturers who employ American workers. As we make our purchases, we have to face the fact that Americans have a higher standard of living, so items made in the U.S.A. may cost a little more. Many foreign countries have a cost advantage over American manufacturers because they don’t pay a living wage, don’t offer benefits to workers, and do not have to adhere to any safety regulations. The point is that the low cost items now being sold on the American market are rewarding the companies that outsourced manufacturing, providing no benefit to American workers, and cost no less then when the product was made here in the U.S.A. Take a good look at every tag and label. Keep American workers in mind every time you make a purchase and spread the word so positive changes can continue to happen.

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