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Commentary from Saturday, January 8, 2011

They Can Only Sell What Is Available!

During the month of December, I surveyed several stores to see how things were going with the Buy American Made Campaign.

First, I want to say it is good to hear that more people are speaking up about the lack of American made products for sale in our stores.

Secondly, I continued to hear from store management that "We can only sell what our suppliers have for us to offer our customers!" This is an unfortunate reality that has come about because America's industries did not modernize and expand, but instead chose to outsource and bypass American workers in order to realize more profits.

Most importantly, I found that store owners watch consumer buying trends. If they see a trend toward American made products that is where they will focus their inventory.

The bottom line is that store owners need more American made products to sell. America's manufacturers need more customers to purchase the products they are producing, and businesses need to see that people are directing their purchasing power to American made products. When these things happen, businesses will reconsider the benefit of reinvesting in America's industries and we will see more American made products everywhere we shop.

Now that the hustle and bustle of holiday gift buying has passed, it's time for us to expand our efforts to get more American made products on our shelves and racks so our selections are not limited in the future.

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