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Commentary from Saturday, January 31, 2015

Parents Need to Speak Up

As we continue to promote the restoration of Trade and Industrial Arts Programs in America’s schools, I urge parents to speak up now for the well-being of their children. The loss of so many Vocational Education Programs has affected the future of America’s youth and America’s economy. If schools had prepared young people for the job market with general hands-on experience, America would never have lost so many private sector jobs to outsourcing. Students educated in the Trades and Industrial Arts would be ready to apply for jobs upon their graduation. This would have made it easier for America’s industries to remain in America because they would have had skilled workers available to help keep businesses running and would have permitted them to compete with foreign competitors.

After looking at present day job opportunities, parents agree it is necessary for America’s schools to stress both academic and vocational courses equally. I don’t know why the Trade and Industrial Arts Programs were downsized 25 years ago, but I know that America’s young people would presently have more job opportunities now if the Trade and Industrial Art Programs were still fully operational. Restoration of these programs requires that America’s taxpayers contact their elected officials and school boards so action can be taken as soon as possible. For your convenience contact information for elected officials is linked here.

Thanks for helping us promote jobs in America and the need to expand Vocational Education Programs. I welcome your comments and suggestions. E-mail me at

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