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Commentary from Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Stable Job Equals a Stable America!

Every employed American can say that a stable job has added to their quality of life. Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have found that we need more ways to increase jobs in the U.S.A. so there are more opportunities to have a balance between foreign and American made products where we shop. The goal of our campaign is to urge businesses to expand in the United States of America and restore every level of America’s manufacturing base. This will help employ our underutilized labor force and allow us to reclaim America's economy. At this point purchasing American made products has been the most effective way for America’s consumers to encourage businesses to expand in America and restore the Made in America label.

When people contact me about their own individual experiences, most highlight the reasons why their jobs were outsourced. They tell me they saw first hand that it became too expensive to do business in the U.S.A., so companies took the easy way out and downsized production or decided to move abroad. Others note environmental regulations and rising taxation as additional reasons for outsourcing to other countries with fewer regulations and lower taxes. Others report they continue to be disappointed that business leaders, government officials and American’s workforce did not unite a long time ago to stop jobs from moving overseas.

Because the outsourcing of industries and jobs went unaddressed for so many years, every level of America's workers from the 1, 2 or 3 person businesses to those employing hundreds or thousands of people are a shadow of what they were 20 years ago. From what I see there are very few items now being imported that could not or should not be made in America again. Restoration of jobs for Americans happens every time you purchase a product made in the U.S.A. Email your comments and suggestions to:

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