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Commentary from Saturday, January 2, 2016

Make a Positive Difference in 2016!

2015 was a year of many historic changes in America and around the world.  During 2015 we also saw a growing number of Americans speaking up about the need for more employment opportunities in the United States and looking out for the well-being of their fellow Americans.

As we begin 2016, our thanks to the supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign who are going out of their way to spend more of their dollars purchasing products made and distributed by America’s local, regional and national businesses.  It is without question that the 29 million businesses registered in America are the backbone of our nation’s economy, and they need our continued patronage so they can keep American workers employed.

We also ask that you help us promote our 2016 theme which is: “Support Our Manufacturers.”  As we “Support America’s Manufacturers” striving to maintain their product lines in the U.S.A., we will also be asking them to consider expanding their product lines and compete with the foreign made products now being sold in America.

Manufacturing represents the products we wear, the furniture and items that fill our homes, the phones and computers we use, the televisions we watch, the cars we drive and many others. We need to make an equal amount of these items made in America. During the last 30 years, large portions of the products used by Americans were manufactured in foreign countries.  30 years ago, people thought that sales and service related jobs would grow and keep Americans employed, but that thinking was incorrect and has caused tens-of-millions of Americans to be unemployed. Today, over 70% of America’s economy is now based on AMERICANS buying things, rather than AMERICANS making the things they use most often. This is a reality we ask that you help us to change.

The Buy American Made Campaign has been promoting the restoration of manufacturing in the U.S.A. and working to restore at least 50% of everything sold in America being made in America.  By expanding manufacturing, we will also help American based businesses restore many levels of jobs, job skills and livelihoods for working aged and able-bodied Americans.

Everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign thanks you for your participation and we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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