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Commentary from Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Each of us has made some New Year's Resolutions. In support of the Buy American Made Campaign, I invite you to add the following to your list of resolutions.

1. Support the small, medium and large businesses in your community that feature a reasonable selection of American made products so they can continue to offer you quality products, employ local people and keep your community vibrant.

2. Every time you go shopping, take the time to look at the tags and packaging to see exactly where the items are being made and make it a point to let store personnel know that you are a supporter of American made products.

3. Contact your family and friends and ask them to support the Buy American Made Campaign. One major way to help restore employment opportunities in the United States of America is to have as many people as possible buy American made products and also voice their concerns at stores where American made products are not adequately represented.

Just these few resolutions can help make a difference. During the Christmas season, Americans spent billions of dollars on toys, clothing and hundreds of other gift items which were largely made in foreign countries, unfortunately bypassing a large portion of American workers.

It was great to see that America's stores were packed with merchandise, but what percentage of the items were produced by American workers? Last year we saw millions of Americans lose their jobs because the American people did not react as businesses outsourced jobs around the world. Today, the American people find themselves as major consumers of foreign made products, because so much of our manufacturing base has been moved overseas. The fact of the matter is that when there was less unemployment, people didn't realize that their fellow Americans would lose their jobs as the production of well-know American brand name items continued to be moved overseas. Now that we see what's been happening, we need to respond by making the Buy American made Campaign a priority. If we all focus on purchasing more American made items, even if it takes a little more effort, we could see some of those empty manufacturing facilities filled again by small, medium and large businesses who will hire American workers to meet the demand of America's consumers. If we become more selective with our purchasing power, we can make change possible. However, it is going to take all of us working in solidarity to get the message heard by the businesses who will see the benefit of expanding their operations here in the United States of America!

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