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Commentary from Saturday, January 23, 2021

Restoring Businesses is Our Major Goal!

Everyone who has worked hard to open a business knows that it takes a lot of effort to get things going.  This is the main reason why the Buy American Made Campaign has been urging the American people to support local businesses and seek out products with made in the U.S.A. labels. Supporting products Made and Assembled in the United States helps business owners remain in business, and keeps Americans employed and adds to the overall well-being of America’s economy.

After watching the aftermath of what happened to America because of reduced manufacturing in the United States, Americans can clearly see how much the loss of employment and spending power has hurt all levels of business, as well as American workers. It has been especially frustrating for Americans who work hard to get a good education and learn skills they feel will provide them with various employment opportunities.

After years of the PROFITS FIRST mentality, business owners and the American people see that without a growing employment base in the United States, America's economy cannot sustain a growing population.

As we work toward being a nation that can produce most of what Americans purchase on a regular basis, we will be able to get more working-age and able-bodied Americans fully employed, and allow more American made products to be circulated in the United States of America where we live and need to prosper.

Your participation is very important. Kindly spread the word.

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