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Commentary from Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Need Jobs!

In my last commentary I stated that we need small, medium and large American businesses to create at least 15 million jobs in the U.S.A. in order for America’s employment base to return to a level of normalcy. The reaction to this statement was widespread and it’s good to see that more people are voicing their concerns regarding the plight of American workers and our nation’s economy. Today, I want to add one more point for discussion; the need to create new business opportunities to meet the demands of America’s consumers. By this I mean, if we continue to be more vocal about the imbalance of American made products in our stores and go out of our way to purchase the American made products still available in stores, more businesses will want to expand manufacturing in America to meet the demands of customers seeking products with a made in America label. When businesses see they can make a profit from products made in America, more employment opportunities will be created for American workers on all levels: manufacturing, management, sales, marketing, shipping and many others.

The unemployment rate in America is also a major concern to all of us as it affects our families, friends and neighbors. We all know, Americans should not be in this difficult situation, but since it is a reality, it’s time to unite through our purchasing power and make wise choices as to where we shop and how we spend our hard earned dollars.

If we, as America’s consumers, continue to express strong displeasure with the imbalance between foreign made and American made products in our stores, it will be heard by business owners concerned about making future profits in the U.S.A. We must also make it known to government officials that we need them to offer business owners tax incentives to help restore jobs in communities across the U.S.A. As outsourcing continues, you can see for yourself, American workers are losing the skills needed to maintain America’s manufacturing base and be competitive suppliers of the items purchased regularly by the American people. Let’s not waste anymore time and permit more jobs to leave the U.S.A. Look for, ask for and spread the word about what American made items you’re purchasing, where you purchased them and invite others to shop at those stores.

Spreading the word is the most important thing you can do for the Buy American Made Campaign, American workers and America’s economy. To help you better understand the need to unite our efforts, there are several informational links on the front page of

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