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Commentary from Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Possibilities are Endless!

For a long time I have seen that there are many possibilities for new jobs in America, but the people able to consider starting or expanding a business are discouraged by the red tape involved, high operational expenses, and taxes.

Over the years, business owners and investors found outsourcing manufacturing and importing was much more profitable. However, without domestic manufacturing operations, we have all seen how American workers continue to experience a major decline in employment opportunities. This is causing major financial distress for individuals, communities, and America's economy. This reality is especially frustrating for Americans with the education and skills to keep industries alive. More people realize that unless we change America's focus and restore at least 20 million of the jobs lost to outsourcing, America's economy will continue to suffer. Getting businesses and national leaders to work together on cost and tax issues is a priority of the Buy American Made Campaign. You speaking up will add to the success of our efforts.

Today, I ask that you consider what you personally can do to support the Buy American Made Campaign. Recently, a store manager told me that customers complain about too many imports, but when there is noting but imports to choose from, they buy what's available. That reality has to change. We have to be more selective of what we purchase so more American manufacturers can create new product lines and new jobs to satisfy the needs and purchasing habits of the American people.

I urge you not to sit back and say it is out of our control, because we are in control of how we use our purchasing power. We need an increased supply of items made in the U.S.A. An increase that is equal to what is now being imported. Our possibilities are endless if we promote and purchase American made products. Business owners see that Americans want change. With change, more employment opportunities will come about since supply and demand means profits for owners and investors and profits are the key to success for every business.

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