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Commentary from Saturday, January 20, 2018

We Have a Lot of New Opportunities!

As you look at yourself and the people around you, you see that the clock only goes in one direction, FORWARD.  For more than 35 years the clock was moving forward as thousands of America's industries were downsized or closed and moved around the world. For years, business owners stated that they left the United States to escape rising taxes, regulations and the overall cost of doing business in America.

Recently, there have been many tax reductions on businesses enacted in Washington, DC. There have also been reductions of regulations so we should see new opportunities for businesses to expand in the United States of America.

With the changes announced, supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign are asked to rally behind this year’s campaign theme: “During 2018 we are encouraging America’s businesses to highlight on their labels and packaging that their items are made or assembled in the United States of America.” This theme will help bring more attention to products made in America and the cause we have been promoting for almost 20 years. The changes now taking place will help increase present product lines, job opportunities and job skills for working age and able-bodied Americans.

Because time moves very quickly we must seize the opportunity to support all products and services provided by American workers. Let's work together and concentrate our efforts on ways to support the businesses that manufacture, sell, ship and promote their products in the U.S.A. Our most important goal is to create a demand for the American made label and get Americans back to work utilizing their present skills or get them trained for the job opportunities America’s businesses need now and in the future.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word about the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign to you family, friends and neighbors.

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