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Commentary from Saturday, January 18, 2020

Together We Are Making Success Happen!

Success happens when people are united behind a good cause. It is because our supporters are united behind the “Buy American Made Campaign”, that more American dollars are being circulated in the United States on products invented and made by American workers.

In the process of promoting the Buy American Made Campaign and spending our dollars on American rather than foreign made, more businesses are expanding in the United States and a larger number of American made items are being sold in our stores and on the Internet. Our 2020 theme, “Support American Made FIRST”, is directed to helping circulate even more American Made products and American dollars in the United States of America.

I am once again challenging the media, businesses, school districts, elected officials, community organizations and all supporters to promote our 2020 Campaign Theme “Support American Made FIRST”. With all the new job opportunities in America, there have been many positive changes for both American workers and America’s economy and it is important that we expand our efforts.

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