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Michael Blichasz
American Workers' Advocate
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Commentary from Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Opportunities For Us To Unite!

The growing efforts of the American people to support the reestablishment of America's industries and get people back to work is creating more opportunities for us to unite. and is a way for us to share ideas and expand the Buy American Made Campaign. Extensive outsourcing of so many products used regularly by America's consumers has done major damage to America's industries and left millions of Americans unemployed.

I am often asked, "How are we going to restore industries in the U.S.A. when other countries have already expanded their market share in the global market and their products are already marketed all over the U.S.A.?" There are many answers to that question. Mine is, we have to stay focused and restore industries and competition, always remembering that when one door is closed another door can be opened. My unanswered question is: Why did America's elected and businesses leaders allow millions of job opportunities to leave America's shores when they knew jobs permit people to be self-sufficient consumers and taxpayers, and without jobs America's economy would be flat and unemployment would rise? Because they did not consider or answer my question, America is now in debt for more than 15 trillion dollars.

I am sure you agree that it's time to look through the smoke to see what is really happening around us, and not only talk but take action by speaking up and purchasing American made products FIRST. I have been shopping around and have found an expanding number of items with made in the U.S.A. labels, so I know you will find them as you shop around.

We the American people can be the key to success and bring about many positive changes in America's economy simply by focusing more of our buying power on American made First.

Now that we have launched, I am encouraged by the responses from people. Each week we will do more to unite Americans on what may be the greatest challenge of our lifetimes "Restoring Jobs in the U.S.A. so America's economy gets better, not worse".

This is Michael Blichasz, remember, Americans of all generations are depending on us. I welcome your suggestions and I ask that you spread the word about: and Both of these site are linked to one another.