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Commentary from Saturday, January 12, 2019

We are in a Pro Growth Economy!

As more of America’s consumers are focused on supporting products and services provided by American workers, we are living in a pro-growth economy. In order to maintain this momentum, everyone is asked to be an American Patriot Consumer and shop with the goal of supporting American made and American workers FIRST.

What large numbers of America’s consumers are doing to focus on restoring a pro-growth economy in the United States should have been done under the leadership of America’s businesses, elected officials, labor leaders and community organizations!

America’s national leadership could have and should have voiced major concerns about the tens of thousands of industries that were leaving the United States which led to the loss of tens of millions of jobs for American workers. Instead, support for American workers was provided mainly by grassroots efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign.

Since we began discussing American Workers Need You in 1999, which was followed by the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio, we have seen how the lack of national leadership has affected the well-being of American workers and their families. As we now get back to a pro-growth economy, we are seeing a lot more opportunities to restore millions of new jobs for Americans workers.

I encourage you to set an example for the people close to you by buying American made products whenever possible and by letting others know what you purchased and where you purchased the items so they can also support the businesses, products and services provided by American workers.

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