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Commentary from Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Home Run For America's Businesses!

As you are shopping during the holiday season, help make the balance of the Month of December a Home Run for your local businesses. Many people did some holiday shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend. Now you’re asked to focus a portion of your holiday gift budget in support of local businesses and also make every effort to seek out American made items.

As more businesses promote efforts like First Friday Specials and National Small Business Weekend, the first weekend of every month, it has helped bring attention to the Buy American Made Campaign and efforts to get more American Made Products available in stores across the United States of America. Every time you take a few minutes to speak with local store owners and managers it makes a lasting impression on how they seek to address your concerns.  It is well known that merchandisers prefer to push foreign made items because they benefit from bigger profits. However, because of customer purchasing habits and the concerns our supporters have been sharing with store owners and managers, more American made products are being requested from merchandisers that supply local and major stores.

For the record, America's small businesses and local stores employ more than 60 million people and 70% of every dollar spent at local businesses is re-circulated within local economies. Your support helps in the following ways:


Local residents will remain employed.


Local delivery and marketing services are utilized.


Local, as well as federal and state, taxes are collected through the payroll and business tax system and used to support local, state and federal government services.


As more customers shop local and seek out American made products, they help American based manufacturers remain open and expand employment opportunities.

I urge you to promote these facts to your family and friends.  Thanks for your help. You can email your comments and suggestions to me at:

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