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Michael Blichasz

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Commentary from Saturday, December 26, 2009

Start the New Year Right!

As we come to the end of 2009 and look toward the new year, I urge you to continue to help the cause of American workers and the Buy American Made Campaign. In 2009, millions of American workers were affected by the recession and by the growing global economy. We saw first hand how important it is for us to support the small, medium and large businesses employing American workers.

The most important goal that must be accomplished is for American businesses to work together to find ways to become more competitive in every type of manufacturing, from making the clothing we wear, to the production of the new energy products now reaching the world market. It is also important that each of us contact elected officials and urge them to pass more federal and local tax incentives, so American companies can be competitive within the new global economy.

This past year was the beginning of major changes in the way Americans purchased items for their every day needs. Many people cut back on impulse buying and started looking at labels to see if American workers were benefiting from the point of manufacturing to the stores where we shop. The new way we’re looking at what we purchase is in itself a great accomplishment.

From the thousands of emails that I receive, people are speaking up at stores more then ever because they want a better balance between American made and imported items. They tell me they never realized just how many well-know American brand name items are now foreign made. I know your words and actions will continue to help bring about positive changes for American workers and America’s economy. We all have to be realistic about how we spend our hard earned dollars. If we continue to speak up where we shop, positive changes in employment opportunities, from A to Z, will happen in the future as American businesses see America’s consumers going out of their way to support products made here in the U.S.A. Let’s not waste any more time and allow additional talents to be wasted due to unemployment. Spread the word, speak up where you shop and support American businesses and America’s workers.

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