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Commentary from Saturday, December 19, 2009

America’s Businesses Need You!

During this special time of year, as we focus on being in touch with family and friends, we can also use the opportunity to discuss the Buy American Made Campaign. This grass roots effort has urged consumers to support the small, medium and large businesses that are manufacturing in the U.S.A. and supporting America’s employment base and America’s economy.

It is disappointing to see that American made items are hard to find in so many well-established American stores, especially the stores that featured large amounts of American made items for years. Many stores were forced to become outlets for foreign made products in order to stay in business, mainly because so many items are now only available to our stores as imported products. If we want to see this very sad situation change we all have to go out of our way to speak up for and purchase the American made products still available in U.S. stores. By using our purchasing power, we can change the imbalance between imported and American made items and once again see stores offering larger selections of American made products to satisfy the demands of customers.

You know from your own experience, if the roof on your home is in need of repairs, you go out of your way to repair it before it gets worse so that you can protect your investment. It is the same with America’s manufacturing base. If we don’t support America’s manufacturing base, through our purchasing power, we will not be helping repair and upgrade our manufacturing base and we will continue to watch American employment opportunities move abroad where expansion is taking place using modern day manufacturing technologies.

After hearing from thousands of people, I am well aware that this situation won’t change in a short period of time, but change is in progress. The recession has been a wake up call for millions of American workers and their families. Now that we know how we can help, let’s not miss an opportunity to look for, ask for and go out of our way to purchase American made products. The most important question you can ask everywhere you shop is: “What items do you have available in your store that are made in America”.

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