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Commentary from Saturday, December 16, 2017

America's Businesses Need All of Us!

In recent years we have seen that shopping in America has changed. Some people prefer to shop at local brick and mortar stores where they can see the items before they make a purchase. Some consumers shop for a portion of their needs on the Internet and have the items delivered to them. However you choose to shop, seek out items made and assembled in America, where we know workers are employed from the point of production to the point of sale.

The message of the Buy American Made Campaign urges everyone to look for every opportunity to support American workers and the businesses that employ them. The Made in America label reflects the workmanship and livelihoods of our fellow-Americans who represent our families, friends and neighbors.

As members of a global economy, the American people have to expect that foreign merchandisers want their products available to America’s consumers. It’s now time for Americans to follow their lead. If there was at least a 50% balance of products representing American made alongside foreign made items, America’s consumers could easily make a choice to buy American. However, that is not what happened during the last 30 years and a look at labeling indicates how much foreign made items now fill America’s stores. But with more people seeing the importance of our message, including business executives and elected officials, there are now more ways to level the playing field and get more American made products in circulation.

In order to make this happen, taxes must be reduced for all businesses in the United States of America and America’s schools need to educate our youth in skills that will help them enter the workforce at all levels. With the active participation of our supporters, positive progress continues to happen. Thanks for your help!

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