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Commentary from Saturday, December 15, 2018

Your Participation is Helping to Create Jobs!

In the last year we have seen millions of additional people being employed in America. As is being reported in the national media, there is a major increase in manufacturing jobs and in small business ventures. A lot of what is happening is a result of businesses returning to the United States from foreign countries and a result of the reduction in federal tax rates and unnecessary regulations that were placed on businesses over they years.

As I reviewed trade reports, I see that the United States economy was losing hundreds-of-billions of dollars every year because of trade deficits with foreign countries. As manufacturing in the United States increases, our trade deficit will go down. However, a lot of what happens now and will happen in the future depends on America’s consumer’s maintaining an ongoing demand for American made products so America’s businesses and American workers benefit in every way possible.

As you continue your holiday shopping, look for, ask for and support American made items FIRST. Keep in mind that every time you purchase something made in the United States of America you are helping circulate more American dollars in America which helps America’s businesses and keeps Americans employed.

Thanks for your participation.

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