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Commentary from Saturday, December 12, 2015

Asking Questions Continues to Help Our Efforts!

For years products made in the U.S.A. clearly listed exactly where they were made. Today, because such a large percentage of brand name items are made overseas, businesses downplay where the items are made by listing on the labels "distributed by" with the name of the businesses' American headquarters in large print. However, when you look closely at the small print, you can see exactly where the products are made.

With so many people looking at labels and asking questions, major corporations want to deflect attention from where products are made by labeling the product in a few languages to show that the products are sold in America and also other countries. That’s fine, but in recent years Americans are interested in knowing how much of the product being offered reflects the workmanship of American workers. They want to know if the businesses are employing Americans in the production of these items, or if American workers are just sales personnel for foreign made products sold in America.

Looking at labels and asking questions continue to HELP America’s industries and American workers. More manufacturing in America would have been lost if our supporters did not make their feelings known where they shop and if our supporters were not seeking out the American made products and moving American made inventory off store shelves.

As we continue our efforts, I urge you to cut to the chase and walk right over to store clerks and ask them to assist you by pointing out the selections of the American made products you're seeking to purchase. These days store personnel try to avoid the issue, but it is important for you to ask for their assistance and make sure they know of your desire to support American made products.

As you look closely at the items available, you will see for yourself why we are working so hard to restore no less than 50% of products sold in American being made in America. For more information about our efforts visit: and

Spread the word, look at all labels before you make a purchase, ask what American made products the store has to offer, speak up in support of American Workers and spend more of your dollars on items made and assembled in the U.S.A. Thanks for YOUR HELP! Email me your suggestions:

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