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Commentary from Saturday, December 10, 2016

The POWER of the People!

The American people are seeing for themselves how important it is to make a positive statement where they shop as they seek out items for both everyday use and for the holiday season.
It is good to hear that store owners, investors and sales personnel have received a loud message from their customers who are choosing to spend more of their money on American made products.

In my recent visits to stores, many managers have told me American made items have been selling, even if they cost more than the foreign made items.  I am told store owners have been trying to get more American made inventory, but items with American made labels are not readily available. That’s not good to hear, but I’m also told that merchandisers are doing more than ever to offer American made products to show their solidarity with working Americans.

It’s without question that we live in a global economy; however, a global economy should mean that American made products are equally represented in America’s stores and that American made products are widely available on the global market. Otherwise, American made products are not properly represented in America’s stores and with your help we strive to change this situation.

Complements to everyone supporting the Buy American Made Campaign because your spending habits for American made have become a beacon of hope for America’s businesses that have struggled to compete with foreign imports. The Christmas holiday season is important to American based manufacturing businesses as well as your local stores.  I encourage you to support American made as often as possible so that today’s workers maintain their jobs and more jobs are created for American workers as more products with U.S.A. labels become available. Thanks for your participation. My email address is:

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