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Commentary from Saturday, November 5, 2016

Help Us Promote "American Made Month"

Making any effort a success requires planning, focus and consistency. The idea behind November as American Made Month is to bring additional attention to the Buy American Made Campaign which asks supporters to remain focused on seeking out American Made products 365 days-a-year. Because so many people are focused on our efforts we have made a major impact on maintaining and restoring jobs in the United States of America.

The November effort helps focus attention on the importance of supporting America’s private sector businesses who are presently offering products made, assembled, distributed and sold by American workers.

The November effort also takes place as people begin their pre-holiday shopping and shoppers are urged to pay close attention to what they purchase and consider who benefits most from their purchases and their hard earned dollars.  Looking at labels and speaking up in support of American made has also allowed consumers to see firsthand how global imports have flooded the American market and how important it is for us to remain united with the goal of restoring no less than 50% of everything sold in America being made in America again.  25 years ago, most people would have never believed that a Buy America Made Campaign would be necessary. Today, it’s not only a reality but a vital effort for the well-being of America, it’s people and our nation’s future.

As we continue to promote November as American Made Month, I encourage you to spread the word to family and friends and let them know there is a detailed outline on ways to support American Made Month and a POSTER that can be printed out on the front page of:

Thanks for your participation.  Kindly continue to spread the word.

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