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Commentary from Saturday, November 4, 2017

November is "American Made Month"

This is the third year we have been asking our supporters to promote November as “American Made Month”. It’s another opportunity for us to support the private sector businesses that manufacture and assemble products that display the Made in the U.S.A label. As you shop at both local stores and on the Internet, go out of your way to seek out products with the Made in America label. Many businesses are expanding their product lines and with all the new products being created there is no reason American workers should not have enough jobs available at all times.

As we begin November as “American Made Month”, you are asked to promote our brief schedule of efforts which will help America’s businesses and American workers:
The First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month is National Small Business Weekend. Go out of your way to support the November edition of National Small Business Weekend and your local businesses throughout the year.
November 7th is Election Day, vote for candidates that support our efforts to expand jobs for Americans from the self-employed to individuals employed by major corporations.
November 11th, Veterans Day, a time to honor veterans and promote jobs for America’s veterans and all American workers.
Weekend of November 10th, 11th & 12th, promote American Made items, the places where they are sold with a focus on the items that will make great gifts for the holidays.
November, 23rd, Thanksgiving Day, a time to give thanks and unite our family, friends and neighbors to support the Buy American Made Campaign and jobs for American workers.
Friday, November 24th, Black Friday, a time to focus on American Made EVERYTHING, so American made businesses benefit.
November 25th, Small Business Saturday, a national event to support America’s small businesses and another opportunity to seek out American made products.
November 29th and 30th, the last days of American Made Month and an opportunity to consider what else can be done to make the balance of the holiday shopping season a success for the businesses manufacturing, assembling, promoting, distributing and selling American Made Products.

For more information visit: Thanks for your participation.

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