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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, November 19, 2011

Positive Change In The Way Americans Think!

The responses to the Buy American Made Campaign continue to grow and reflect a POSITIVE change in the way Americans think. It is good to see more people are motivated to restore jobs and America's economy because we see our stores are overwhelmed by foreign products. Additionally, people tell me they never understood why national elected leaders did not unite with the American people to find ways to keep industries from leaving the U.S.A.

Every person that responds to the Buy American Made Campaign has shared ideas that should have been considered and enacted by national elected leaders over the years. It is not government's role to create jobs directly, but instead to encourage private sector businesses to create jobs that will employ the American people and in the process generate taxes to maintain local, state and federal government services. Unfortunately, because national leaders did very little to encourage industries to stay in the U.S.A., our tax base has diminished and prolonged unemployment continues.

As we continue to unite our efforts, I ask that you remember that America's WORKERS and America's CONSUMERS are the same people. Therefore by supporting one another, all Americans benefit in the long-run. Before you make any purchase, look at the labels to see if your purchase will benefit American workers in addition to store and sales personnel. Looking at labels makes it clear where products are made and how many levels of American workers will benefit from your purchase.

The goal of all our efforts is to have business investors and American workers benefit together. Businesses need to make a profit to remain in business and workers need employment opportunities. By directing our purchasing power to products made in America we support the private sector businesses still operating in the U.S.A. These businesses could be the first to expand and restore industries that will get more Americans working again. It will happen if we support American made FIRST!

In the near future American Workers Radio will help unite our efforts to support the Buy American Made Campaign. Visit the new Internet site at and join the email list.

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