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Commentary from Saturday, October 6, 2018

We Are On This Journey Together!

In recent years we have seen exactly what is possible when America’s consumers, businesses, schools, elected officials and local and national media focus more on restoring jobs and job skills in the United States.

As we shop around we are seeing many NEW Products in stores and on the Internet with Made in U.S.A. labels. This is very important because every product creates many levels of job opportunities that we don’t often consider. First, people are employed to purchase the raw material needed to produce the products. Next employees are needed to manufacture, package, label and circulate the products to the places where we will make our purchase. Made in the U.S.A. also creates jobs with billing, advertising, management, office personnel and the sales people where we shop.

Our long-term efforts of promoting more manufacturing in America demonstrates how many levels of job opportunities are available to our fellow Americans and we now clearly see that there is no reason why competitive products of every type presently sold in America should not be made in America again.

With your assistance the message of the Buy American Made Campaign is spreading. With your help we look to realize a better balance between foreign made and American made where we shop, and with your help we are making change in America happen right before our eyes.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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