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Commentary from Saturday, October 28, 2017

Only Thriving Businesses Employ Workers!

Every week we ask our supporters to direct more of their purchases to support American Made products and services that employ American workers so we can make positive change in the way business is done in America. Our goal is to restore a larger selection of American made products where we shop which will mean more businesses making and selling their products in the United States of America.

Here is a brief review of the employment situation in the United States. The figures quoted do not include children and school age youth, retirees, disabled or individuals in the armed services. The figures represent working age and able bodied Americans able to apply for a job at any time:

In the year 2000, America’s total population was 283 million. There were 135 million Americans with full and part-time jobs. We should have had 170 million jobs.

In the year 2008, America’s total population was 305 million. 143 million Americans had full and part-time jobs. We should have had 183 million people employed.

As of October 2017, America’s total population is 326 million. 154 million Americans have full and part-time jobs. We should have 196 million people in America’s workforce.

The bottom line is that America has needed more than 30 million additional full and part time jobs for many years. None of us understand why this issue was not addressed years ago, but it is good that it is being addressed now.

The figures quoted are from the United States Census report and United States Department of Labor report, which are listed on the United States Debt Clock located on the front page of You can see the facts and figures for yourself so there is no reason America’s national leaders could not have seen the need for jobs and the loss of jobs America has experienced as its population grew. It’s time to put all of our efforts on jobs in America and support the American made label and American workers FIRST! Take a close look at the U.S. Debt Clock and see the real facts and figures for yourself.

During the Month of November, we will highlight “American Made Month”. This is another opportunity for us to support our businesses and American workers. For more information visit: Thanks for spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign.

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