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Commentary from Saturday, October 24, 2020

Help Us Promote America & American Made Month!

Since 2014, American Workers Radio and the Buy American Made Campaign have been promoting November as American Made Month.

The idea behind November as American Made Month is to bring additional attention to the businesses producing products made in America and urge people to seek out American Made products 365 days-a-year in order to restore and expand jobs for American workers.

The November effort helps give attention to the importance of supporting America’s private sector businesses who are presently offering products made, assembled, distributed and sold by American workers.

The November effort also takes place as people begin their pre-holiday shopping season and encourages shoppers to pay close attention to what they purchase and consider who benefits most from their purchases and their hard earned dollars.  The Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in closures of many businesses, limited hours for others, and products in short supply, brought additional attention to how many foreign made products are being imported and sold in America’s stores and on the Internet while Americans need jobs.

Today, Americans are looking to see more jobs restored in the United States so there will be employment opportunities for workers now and in the future.

As we get closer to November as American Made Month, everyone is encouraged to spread the word to family and friends. To help spread the word, you can view ways to support American Made Month and also find a POSTER that can be printed from the front page of:

Thanks for your participation.  Kindly continue to spread the word.

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