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Commentary from Saturday, October 24, 2015

Labels Are Causing Concerns!

In the last few years the Buy American Made Campaign has promoted the restoration of a BALANCE of American made labels side-by-side with the foreign made products in every store in America. I’m pleased to report that our supporters have made a MAJOR difference with the Made in America Campaign which benefits many levels of American workers and encourages businesses to expand in the U.S.A.

As our efforts continue, I see that store owners and managers are concerned by questions from customers like “I’m looking for a particular Item, but I want it made in America” or “Can you direct me to the clothing makers featuring items made in America”? It is questions like these that are causing concerns for businesses in America because they clearly see for themselves that they have become sales points for foreign made products. Now that customers are voicing dissatisfaction and deciding to shop around it has been affecting the bottom line of store sales.

I also hear that store managers continue to tell customers they can only sell what is available from their corporate suppliers. When you receive a reply like this, I ask that you tell store managers that it’s time to get new suppliers who will be able to supply them with a larger selection of American made items. In many cases I find that there are more competitive American made products available, but suppliers focus on the products that give them the best bottom line.

Until we reach a point where no less that 50% of the clothing, electronics and household items sold in America have MADE IN THE U.S.A. labels, I urge you to voice your concerns and circulate more of your dollars on products made in the U.S.A. Kindly continue to let me know how you are making out so I can share your experiences with our supporters. Email me at:

As we continue to promote ways to support America and American workers, we are once again promoting November as American Made Month. As we get closer to the month of November, I encourage you to look at the brief schedule of the efforts we will be promoting. Visit, and email the information to family and friends and invite them to get involved.

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