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Commentary from Saturday, October 22, 2016

Help Us Increase Job Opportunities!

For many years America remained the Industrial Giant of the World. In more recent years nations around the world have joined the NEW industrial revolution and there are now manufacturing companies and growing job opportunities in just about every country in the world. In one respect competition is good and it promotes innovation and livelihoods for workers, but it also demonstrates what happens if you don't ensure jobs for American workers in the expanding global market. In America's case we have seen what happens if we don't achieve at least a 50/50 balance of all products sold in America.


Today, more than a billion workers around the world are producing the products that had been primarily produced in the U.S.A. With computerization, new technologies and new jobs skills shared throughout the world, Americans must fully restore America’s manufacturing base and produce high quality and cost effective products for sale in America and around the world.

One example is that millions of clothing manufacturing jobs were formerly located in the U.S.A for decades. Today there are fewer than 300,000 textile worker jobs located in the U.S.A. The jobs of millions of American manufacturing workers, from the production line to purchasing, office staff, packing, shipping, sales and management, have been shipped overseas and millions of others jobs will continue to be lost if we don't support America's businesses and the people they employ.

If you work for a company that produces American made items, ask your company management to highlight the fact that the items are made in the U.S.A. An American flag on the label or red, white and blue labels will catch the eye of consumers seeking to support American made and American workers. If you're a consumer, speak up where you shop and look for American made labels in support of American workers.

At this point, we are days away from another positive effort, as November has been designated American Made Month. This campaign created by our supporters brings additional attention to American based businesses and American workers. For more information visit our Internet site at:

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