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Commentary from Saturday, October 19, 2013

Liberal Arts, Industrial Arts & the Trades!

During a recent commentary I said, “after seeing what happened to jobs and job skills in America during the last 30 years, I'm concerned that America's young people will not be able to experience the benefit of working at a full time job where their time and talents will be needed and appreciated.”

I made that statement because I see that schools have decreased job skills programs, and unless we restore a variety of job preparation classes, we will not have enough skilled graduates to fill jobs as they expand in the U.S.A. As taxpayers we pay for many levels of education and our input must be heard by local, state and federal elected officials.

Preparing a workforce begins in grade school and continues without interruption until graduation. It begins as students learn basic life skills and develop a sense of responsibility from parents, then receive further encouragement from teachers and counselors who help them become employment
ready. I urge parents and guardians to look closely at the courses offered by Liberal Arts, Industrial Arts and Trade Programs so that our students will not only have diplomas, but also have appropriate job skills needed by America's private sector businesses. After attending high school and college, graduates should be able to enter the workforce. America's students should also be able to list their educational skills and practical experience on a resume and be ready for a job interview.

In order to highlight Liberal Arts, Industrial Arts and The Trades, I have linked a brief overview of what each curriculum offers. I encourage you to review the links and career opportunities so employers have an ongoing supply of educated and qualified workers.

Working-together, our supporters are already creating a demand for products made and assembled in the U.S.A. Next, we have to urge school administrators to expand their curricula and guide America's students to professions that will have them ready and able to enter America's workforce upon graduation.

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