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Commentary from Saturday, October 15, 2016

Focus and POSITIVE Efforts!

After several years of promoting American Workers Need You and the Buy American Made Campaign, everyone involved can say that our positive efforts have united tens-of- millions of Americans to support America during these changing times. Our efforts are directed to promoting American Made products, supporting American based businesses that manufacture and assemble products in the U.S.A. and insuring that American workers don’t lose more job opportunities. Our message has been very basic, yet very important for America’s 29 million businesses and American workers.

Our supporters agree that since tens-of-thousands of American based businesses, largely manufacturing, decided to move overseas taking jobs and job skills that American workers need, it’s now up to America’s consumers to seek out the products and services that are keeping Americans employed right now.  If businesses left America because there were not enough American workers to fill the jobs, we could understand outsourcing to keep up with the demands of America’s consumers. However, our efforts have clearly outlined that this is not the case, and we have asked our supporters to help change the present situation and our future by doing the following:

Take a close look at what is being sold in America’s stores that represent the time and talents of American workers.
Look at the labels of all products you’re considering to purchase. Are there competitive American made products available side-by-side with foreign products?
Ask store personnel what American made products they have on sale so they know that customers and looking and are shopping around.
Go out of your way to circulate more of your dollars on products and services that represent the talents of American workers.
Discuss with people you know the need to insure that no less than 50% of the products sold in America are made in America and invite them to visit our Internet sites.

Because more Americans have been promoting our efforts, more Americans have remained employed. Thanks for your help!

At this point, we are weeks away from another positive effort, November as American Made Month.  This campaign created by our supporters brings additional attention to the America’s businesses and American workers. For more information visit Internet site at:

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