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Commentary from Saturday, September 8, 2012

Americans Want Jobs, NOT More Debt!

The national political conventions are now over and I'm looking forward to hearing the national candidates discuss their plans to help PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESSES RESTORE JOBS all over America. Many eloquent convention speakers made statements about what they would do to help change our economy, but as we all know, well meaning words don't pay our bills. My message to all elected officials is that private sector businesses made jobs in America thrive for centuries, so they should outline their plans to assist private sector businesses immediately with tax reductions and other incentives that will help restore jobs and prosperity in America.

If America's elected leaders had acted years ago, Americans would be fully employed and the American people would not be 16 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt, for programs, services and agreements not approved by America's taxpayers. As outlined on the U.S. debt clock on the front page of, as of today, every man, woman and child in America owes more than FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS each in order to repay the 16 TRILLION dollars in debt that national elected leaders approved and placed on the door step of present day Americans and future generations. However, the Debt Clock does not include the money needed to maintain U.S. government mandates and entitlements that make America's real debt several TRILLION DOLLARS more. If we don't have 16 trillion dollars to pay the debt now, how will trillions more be paid in the future?

I suggest that national elected leaders take the advice of the Buy American Made Campaign which focuses on the need for jobs in America and the re-industrialization of America so that we can compete fairly in the global economy. The time for excuses is over; it's time for government to get out of the way of businesses so they can do business in America and support America and the American people FIRST!

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